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No odor/low voc paint still stinks

It just smells funky. I would rather smell normal paint fumes.  I got the 1st coat done. I have to have the room compeleltly painted by Thursday so I can get it aired out and put back together before my mom and grandma get here.

Re: No odor/low voc paint still stinks

  • Oooh.. will you post pics when you get it done? As much I want a little boy.. I still like little girls rooms better. :)
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  • of course i'll post pics.  I'm excited to do her wall letters.  Someone just posted on the September board their letters and I am going to try and copy them.
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  • Yes, it does stink. Real paint people (not HD or Lowes employees) will tell you low voc paint really doesn't exist. The ones labeled that they are are not great quality either.

    Can't wait to see your pics, I really wish I had some time to paint....I have some white walls (master bd and spare room) that would love color!

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