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Book instead of card...tacky or not?


Re: Book instead of card...tacky or not?

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  • We did this at my shower and it was wonderful. I got a TON of nice books and all came with nice gifts. The cards I got where thrown in the trash can along with the wrapping paper.

    Like people said if you don't like the idea of the book instead of a card then don't buy a book and quit compalining about it.

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  • Can I make a suggestion?  Forget books at the shower - you will probably get some anyway - and while books are always important, it's not like babies read just yet.

    For my son's first birthday, I asked people to forgo gifts entirely and bring a book instead.  That way, we didn't get a zillion more toys that I would've had to find a place for AND we built up his library at a good time (when he was more interested in listening to me read to him). 

    Even though I was, in fact, telling people what to bring, I think most of them appreciated the fact that they didn't have to pick out another toy for another kid, etc.  When you have kids, all of a sudden you go to 100 birthday parties a year.  So, a book was an easy gift for them to buy, and it costed about the same as a toy would have.  A few people still brought toys, and that was totally fine as well.

    Just a thought.

  • When phrased properly, it's a suggestion. Just like including a card with where you are registered is a suggestion of where to shop for the new baby. I'm surprised at how irritated people are about this.

    That being said, my baby shower is a library theme. And my invites have a poem suggesting a book instead of a card. And I don't really care if someone gets annoyed that it was proposed that they bring a book. If you don't like it, don't do it. And if it bothers you that much, don't attend the shower.

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  • I can't even fathom having a problem with the whole book instead of card suggestion.  I've been to two showers this year where this was on the invitation.  For one, I brought "The Giving Tree" - one of my favorite books as a child.  I did not write in it, and actually included the return slip- assuming there could be another copy given.  I attached a gift tag to the gift.  At the next shower, I simply forgot and did not even add one to the gift.  Who cares??? 

    I honestly wonder how people have time to think about this and make it something to be offended by.  There are SO many things people do that are offensive - this is really not one of them.  If you want books, it's a good way to get the point across. 

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