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Update on Train concert Friday night!

We decided to leave our dd with my il's, as it was way to hot outside (this was an outdoor concert). So it was the three of us, ds, dh and I. We parked further away than we really needed to, so it took us a while to walk to the venue. We were dripping with sweat and hot. We carried ds most of the way, as we didn't want him to have to deal with all of that heat and walking too. Anyway, so we finally got there about 30 minutes before the concert was supposed to start. DS had to pee, and that was a journey to find a restroom outside the venue.

So, I went to will call for people that were on the guest lists for the artists. No lines! They had our badges and to my surprise they were backstage passes! I never been through any of this before, I just assumed we had received tickets, not backstage passes. We were able to bypass all the lines for everything and got right in. Problem was, staff didn't have a clue where we needed to go. My dh was at the point where he said forget it. Train's first song was starting. Finally found someone who had a clue.

We found our way and was just in complete shock as we walked right into the set behind the stage. I was in awe. We had to put earplugs on ds, as it was really loud and he had put his hands over his ears. He was fine after that. We were able to walk right up to a platform that looked straight down on Train singing. Wow. This was unreal. Fortunately ds was able to sit down on the platform and watch, and it was shaded. He was getting really hot, but he enjoyed it. It was only an hour. If we had had regular tickets, there would have been no shade.

We didn't get to meet the band, because we got there too late. But, we already got more than we expected. I felt so incredibly blessed, it was a lot of fun. DS was the youngest fan there!

Re: Update on Train concert Friday night!

  • Great!!! I am glad y'all had a good time.
    Max 4-08-08 and Michael 2-03-91 (19 years olds)
    image Both boys were born w/ hirschsprung's disease, you find yourself facing this dx, please feel free to ask me any questions.
  • Glad everything turned out so well! What a neat treat.
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