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I'm sorry but I need to vent.

I'm sick of "making something of nothing".  The woman then tells me SHE knows why DS is screaming.  Yes she lives 7 hours away and has seen him for a few days of his entire life, but SHE knows why he's screaming. 

And when I said I don't think thats why she said "Well obviously you don't know or he wouldn't be crying."

And last weekend her, FIL and SIL all came for a visit.  Her and SIL act like teenagers making rude comments under their breath just loud enough for everyone to hear.  DH and I will be having a very long talk that if they do this again they will not be welcome in our home.  And she smokes and thinks it's absurd that I want her to change her clothes before holding DS. 

She also refuses to listen to me on ways to calm him.  Laying him down and rocking him will NOT calm him.  And then she gets frustrated and just keeps telling him "you need to relax".  She refuses to give him the pacifier until he's calmed down, which will never happen.  And she thinks I control my husband and his feelings, of which she has made comments about to me under her breath.

And she begged to feed him and almost drowned (sp?) him.  She laid him flat on his back and let him suck on a nipple full of air ugh.  And then I had to give up breastfeeding because my supply died (was pumping DS cant latch/suck) and she always has comments "Well I NEVER had to use formula" "oh I know nothing about that stuff".

Sorry, it's just really getting to me.  It's getting to DH he doesn't even want to call her back 98% of the time. It's going to get ugly if she doesn't get her head out of her butt soon.


  • Oh geez, sounds like she needs a swift kick in the rear. Sorry you have to deal with her. :( 
  • what an azzhat!
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  • Indifferent Wow, I'm so sorry. Your MIL does not sound lovely at all. {HUGS}
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