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Frustrated 9dpiui

I am 9dpiui and am spotting. I usually spot 10/11 days into my luteal phase and get my period on the 12th day of my LP.  This cycle, my first IUI cycle, seems exactly the same as any other cycle to me.  My progesterone levels came back fine and I did the ovidrel shot as a booster the day before my IUI b/c I surged on my own.  I was an extremely slow responder to the follistim and didn't have the IUI until CD19.  I am pretty sure this cycle is a bust b/c even on meds, my cycle was an exact replica of my non-medicated cycle.  I am just extremely frustrated because I feel like even with intervention nothing changed.  At what point do I reach out to my doctor to discuss what went wrong and how to approach it differently next cycle? 
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Re: Frustrated 9dpiui

  • I think if you are feeling that nothing changed I would call the RE and see him again soon so perhaps you can change the protocol for next cycle. 
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  • You're right!  We are in the same boat.  Sounds exactly where I'm at regarding the spotting and the CD's and everything.  The only thing different for me from this cycle from past cycles is that I started spotting much earlier than normal.  I think I stopped today though.  But I don't have very much hope that it's not going to start again tomorrow.  That's good about your progesterone levels being good though.  My dr. didn't suggest checking mine and I have always wondered if I had low progesterone.  Oh well, maybe next cycle we'll get it checked out.  Good luck! 
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  • Thanks!  I am definitely going to call RE tomorrow so I can get the ball rolling for next cycle.

    Amy-- if your spotting is light and sporadic, that can be a very good thing!  That happened for me when I got pregnant with my daughter.  My spotting is just short of a flow at this point and it is there everytime I wipe (sorry TMI). Don't lose hope yet Smile

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  • That sucks Amanda. I still have hope. I agree with talking to the RE to see what your options are. ((HUGS))
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  • I'm sorry - I would definitely be talking about your options with the RE.  {{HUGS}}
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