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So our developmental specialist is starting a new blog called Babies with iPads - she is going to use it in her daily work with kids in our area.  We are excited to see what it offers.   Apparently there are ALL kinds of apps for special needs kids on it.  Anyways I just thought I'd share.

 Anyone out there use iPads/special needs apps with your kids??? 

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Re: Babies with iPads

  • Its https://babieswithipads.blogspot.com/ for anyone who wants to check it out
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  • we are planning to get one for Kelsey to use as a communication device.  Proloquo2Go app makes it into a comm device similar to a dynavox.

     We can't wait.

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  • I'll def. check that out!

    We're not using an iPad, but do I use my iPhone to supplement DD's ABA therapy... they're currently running programs to help her understand features/classifications/etc., and there are apps by Kindergarten.com that are basically ABA programs for your phone that focus on that exact stuff, plus a lot more... it's really pretty cool, and she LOVES them, and it's a great way to help her generalize what she's learning in therapy. Reason # 8,267 I love my iPhone. Smile

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  • We got one for my 3 and half year old son who is non-verbal.  We use the proloquo2go program.  It is very easy to program.  He mainly uses it at school and sometimes when we are out.  He is still getting use to it and needs alot of guidance. He was using the dynovax at school but I think that this has more potential and a better price tag!  I love it!

    I'm going to check out that site.  Thanks for telling us.

  • I was super excited when the iPad came out since I used my iPhone with my students a ton. They were so drawn to it and I was able to coax a lot of learning with the help of that phone . . . Checking weather by looking at the concrete icons of a sun or a cloud and then studying the numbers that go with them, setting timers, looking up pictures/videos of things we're studying on YouTube, some of the math apps, instead of books on tape during free time--we'd listen to the audiobooks on my phone (some, like Dr. Seuss, even have videos where the word gets highlighted as the speaker goes through text), one little guy loved checking his math work with the calculator on my phone (not any better than a regular old calculator, but I think he thought it was cool just because I didn't mind him touching something he usually wasn't allowed to with other people), we'd also take pics on field-trips and email it to the parents so they could talk about it at home). I'd let the kids do all of these things as much as possible and mac stuff is so user-friendly most of the time kids were able to do a huge part of stuff pretty well. Ie. Zooming in on pics of themselves in the photo-album was something one of the kids figured out on his own. Granted these were all one-on-one scenarios, but definitely good stuff.    

    The other day M was reading Dr. Seuss on my phone and R saw and reached out for the lights so I let her play with it and she watched the screen light up and get dark for several minutes. (This is really cool since she has a pretty severe vision impairment). In the past couple of days, I've been using it as a motivator for tummy time and its super cute. She lays on the floor kicking her feet up and down in excitement until the movie clip ends and then rolls over off of her tummy as soon as the movie is done.  

    I've been wishing we had the money to get an iPad for DD . . . 

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  • thanks for posting this! i was just talking to my husband last night about them.  i've seen some wonderful things on other special needs blogs about them.  even a company that is making a mount for wheelchairs and other type of equipment.  we probably aren't getting one soon but maybe around christmas since he'll be a little older.
  • here is a link for a list of apps for the iphone/ipod and Im pretty sure you can them on the ipad as well.


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