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any belly sleepers w/ pierced ears?

I was considering getting LO's ears pierced, but she's a belly sleeper so I'm wondering if the posts will poke her while she's sleeping. I know sometimes mine do, but my studs are also about 10 times the size hers will be. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? TIA!!

Re: any belly sleepers w/ pierced ears?

  • I'm taking DD to get her ears pierced today!

    Anyway, my sister had her now 2 year old ears pierced when she was about 9 months old, and bought these rubber backs for the earings.  I think she got them at Claire's at the same time she got her ears peirced.  I'm going to ask about them when I take DD there today, but I also found some online I can order if Claire's doesn't have them  Here's a link....


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  • DD doesn't seem to mind.  The backings on her earrings are rounded and cover the entire post, so there is really nothing that will poke her.  It looks like this:


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