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NBR: Italy

Had anyone been to Venice, Florence or Rome and care to share your hotels? A friend is going and asked for recs but I don't have any of our info any more since we went like 5 years ago.

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  • I went in high school.  If I had my pics with me I'd be able to tell you the names of our hotels....but they're at home, buried in the garage somewhere , still not unpacked =(
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  • No, sorry.  This made me wonder though what ever happened with the trip your dh's buddies wanted him to go on with them?  Was it Italy?
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  • Haha - no Paris. We haven't talked about it again. Even if I told him that I wanted him to go - I really don't think he could leave the kids for an overseas trip for a week. If he had to go for work or something...that's one thing - but for fun, I just don't see my DH doing that. His friend that asked him has a different type of marriage...they do a lot of things separately and he goes out all of the time while his wife takes their baby here and there with her friends or whatever. DH and I do everything together...not to say one is better than the other - it's just different.

    Also - I'm just not a good enough wife to encourage it. I just don't see me saying sure, go spend $1000+ in PARIS - my favorite place EVER - while the kids and I stay at home watching TV :)

    He knew what a selfish b!tch I am when he married me...hahaha....


  • LOL!!  I must be a selfish biotch then too!
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