L&D-Take 2

Went back to L&D on Monday due to immeasurable cervical length and "externally" dilated to 3cm with lots of contrax. Got to experience magnesium sulfate (6mg load dose was intense).  I'm home now and that was it.  Next time is the real thing if bedrest and Procardia doesn't work this time.


Re: L&D-Take 2

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    Oh no!  You poor thing.  You must feel like you've been in the hospital more than you've been home.  :(

    How are you hanging in there??

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    I'm good despite it going downhill so fast.  The options ran out so fast.  I thought I was having them mon or tues so ultimately thanking God for whatever extra days I get at this point.
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    Exactly.  I hope your doctor realizes how non-chalant she has been and how wrong she was.  Gggrrrr.  It's a good sign they didn't keep you, but I suppose you also feel like a ticking time bomb at this point.  That has to be agonizing.  Just remember that each day inside is two less in the NICU.  You should be so proud of yourself for being a great incubator (as my DH would say) and that you did the right thing by listening to your body.  I for one am really proud of you!  But you can't beat me to delivery.  Wink  My kids are coming first; tell yours to stay put a bit longer. 
    Three losses in 2009; Boy/Girl twins born in 2010 image
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    I am so sorry!!!  I can't believe they sent you home, pregnant with twins and dilated to 3 cm.  I would think that would warrant automatic hospital bed rest, but what the heck do I l know?

    Anyway, lots of good thoughts headed you and the babies' way.  I hope they're able to stay cooking for awhile longer!

    Hang in there!

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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