12 weeks pregnant w twins - just had a gush of blood

I called the doctor and I'm now waiting for him to call me back. Not sure what I'm looking for, but probably some form of reassurance. With DS I had lost of heavy bleeding, but that was much later and due to previa. I can't imagine that bleeding this early is a good sign.

Re: 12 weeks pregnant w twins - just had a gush of blood

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    I had spotting at nine weeks but no gush.  I hope everything is ok.

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    janjagjanjag member

    hang in there mama.  i had bleeding at just before 6wks and again at 13wks.  both times heavy bleeding, but heavier at 13wks.  i'd lie down, but i'm sure they told you that. 

    hope everything's ok!  KUP

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    I had a gush at 14 weeks and all was fine - just a SCH.

    Fingers crossed for you...


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    cadencaden member
    I had a big gush of blood at 7 weeks. I completely flipped out about it but it ended up just being a "blood pocket" near my cervix (still have no idea if that was a SCH or what). Everything turned out fine but I know how scary it is.
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    Sending big hugs.  I know how scary this is.  I had the same thing happen around 11.5 weeks.  It was due to a SCH.   SCHs are kinda common with multiples.  I really hope everything is okay. 

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    Hang in there.  I too had bleeding at 11/12 weeks and went to ER.  The ER was horrible but they did an u/s and everything was fine with the babies.  Scary though and not fun.  Hang in there and try to stay calm.  They never did find out why I had bleeding but it never happened again and I have two healthy babies!  GL!
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    I had spotting at 10 wks-no gushes though.  I was told it was left over implantation bleeding.  Let us know what he says.


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    I bled like a period from 5-9 weeks daily and all was fine.
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    I had a lot of blood and clots at about 7 wks (scariest thing in the world).  Turned out it was a subchronic hematoma (sp) (blood clot).  I bled a lot for one evening, and eventually my body reabsorbed it  Doctor said it was rather common for twins pg as there is a lot of blood flow to the uterus to create the placentas.

    Same exact thing happend to my best friend as me (and she too had twins)... and I remember it happened once again at about 13 wks.  She delivered her boys earlier this month. 

    Hope you get answers quickly.

    -- Jackie
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    I had a gush at 14 weeks, I was standing up, felt a pop and then bright red blood. It was diagnoised as a subchronic hematoma (don't google!), I was on pelvic rest for the whole pregnancy, however I quit bleeding red in a week and then spotted brown until 20 weeks thats when they saw on the u/s it was gone. I hope you get some answers!
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    I had a gush at 16 weeks -- we never did find a cause.  I hope everything is ok. 
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