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Pedi appt today left me feeling "UGH"

So we went. He had yet another weight check, why I don't know, but.... he lost an oz since Saturday. I didn't think this was such a big deal since he's up 9 oz from when he was discharged and 7oz above his birth weight. Apparently, the pedi seemed to feel this was a big deal and now we have to go back on Monday for yet another weight check. 

I know we're having some issues with nursing and a lot of what I described sounds like tiring out from the heart and reflux. So we're trying some zantac to see if it helps him at all. Reflux doesn't seem out of the question since M had it and it would explain a lot of Sean's "symptoms". Last night he gagged and then the smell of vomit came out. Blech! I also figure that if he has acid coming up while he's nursing, he'll pull off and he'll have to catch his breath sometimes from it. 

I really hope that's what is causing it. I'll let you know.  

Re: Pedi appt today left me feeling "UGH"

  • I think you are doing a great job!

     I agree with you on the ounce.  That can be a simple as a full tummy vs an empty one when weighed.


  • Your pedi could just be worried about weight gain due to the heart defect. Carter's weight is monitored very closely because if he loses weight it could be due to his heart working harder and therefore burning more calories. Heart kiddos tend to be more on the smaller side due to this as well. It might not have anything to do with how much he is eating.

    I hope things get better for you! I wouldn't worry about an ounce so much either, but our GI doc says that any weight loss is unacceptable for Carter. Even though he definitely has plenty of chubbiness!!  

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  • Sorry to hear you had a blah appointment.  I had supply issues with DS1, and we had to constantly go in for weight checks.  My pedi told me that they like to see newborns gaining an ounce a day.  So your pedi may have been concerned because he was hoping Sean would be up at least 4 ounces.
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  • If he's above his birth weight at 2 weeks I say that's awesome!!

    And 1 ounce since Saturday could just mean he was a bit constipated on Saturday and isn't today....?

    Are you supplementing with formula or pumped milk at all?  We used a little syringe with a thin tube that I put right next to my nipple for a couple days when DD came home - she was so little that our pedi wanted her to get extra calories and was afraid my BM wouldn't come in fast enough, so he made us give her some formula and I refused to do it by bottle, so this was the compromise.  She would nurse and just get a little extra caloric intake while she was at it.  Her weight went up so fast that after 4 days doing it we had a weight check and the pedi said we could stop, but it worked well for a while!

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