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blood test to check for Genetics trait for autism or others?

Did anyone who has a child with an autism dx have a genetics blood test done?  My son is 4 and we had the 2 yrs of EI from baby net and speech theraphy but no doctor would dx him. They always said he would start to talk when he was ready.  He talks in baby language. He tells a very long story in baby talk and will throw in a few real words in it but it doesn't make sense.   He can say a few things, he knows his colors, his abc's,  and knows everyones name.  But for a 4 yr old he is still very limited.  He has tantrums and has to always has something in his hands like a ribbon.  His hands are always moving. He could grow out of that because he use to line everything  that matched up but after a few yrs of that he stopped. He doesn't line anything up any more.

So the doctor who has run 4 different test (observation type) with different types of doctors have decided to have a genetic blood test to pin point the traits he may have .  The doctor does not feel he is autistic.  He said he is feels he is dyslexic, which also affects speech.   I also have this and had a large speech delay as a child.  But everyone in my family thinks it is crazy for the doctor a dev peds specialist in autism to not just stamp the word autism on his file and call it a day.  They think this test can't help dx.  However, I have talked to people who told me of things that their family members were dx with by having a genetic blood test.  This is in no way the only test he has done.  We have gone to the hospital every month for 4 months for  1 hr of questions, observation, and testing.  We have seen speech pathologist, social workers, occupational therapist, and 2 dev peds docs.  I get that my kid is not the normal kid.  I see that but I do feel I can trust this many people with all these different test to tell me what is wrong.

So I am asking if anyone on here has had a blood test for genetic traits of any kind?

Re: blood test to check for Genetics trait for autism or others?

  • I don't know the answer to your question, but I just wanted to say it sounds like you are a great mommy.

    I hope you get your answers soon!

  • Yes but it isn't always the case.  There are a few genetic syndroms that are associated with autism, Prader Willi, Fragile X, etc.  My son's genetic syndrome is also associated with autism.  He has something called 16p11.2 duplication syndrome.  The developmental ped was leaning towards autism but the genetic test sealed the deal and he was labeled as PDD_NOS as well.
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  • Thank you all for your posts.  I have to wait 8 weeks for the blood test to come back.  It seems it really is taken years to find out what to do to help my son.  But I am thankful at least it isn't a health issue like so many others face.
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