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Has anyone delivered at Lakeside? I have heard great things about that hospital, does anyone have any good/bad stories about delivering there.  I love that that's that what they do all day everyday and my doctor is great! This is our first baby!

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    I delivered there in April, and I loved it! They have great classes leading up to your child's birth (caring for an infant, infant CPR, etc.), and they take really good care of you after the baby is born. The nurses check up on you frequently, and answer any questions you may have and help you with whatever you need. Nurses from the nursery can come in and help you with breastfeeding (I needed them a few times), and they'll invite you into the nursery to show you how to bathe your newborn. You stay in a pretty comfortable room with a fold-out for the dad to sleep on. You're served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the food is not too shabby! The nurses during my labor were WONDERFUL, and I was giving birth on an apparently very busy day. The *only* downside to my experience there is that, because it was so busy, the anesthesiologist was not always able to come in when I needed him (I had an epidural, and apparently the little machine that controls the distribution of the meds was low on batteries, so the meds were coming and going - not fun!! But as soon as they realized the problem, they fixed it and we were fine for the rest of the day). 

    Let me know if you have any questions about it! I highly recommend Lakeside! 

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  • That is what I was wanting to hear! Thank You so Much!
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  • Is that in OKC?
  • Yes, it's off of Hefner Parkway on the Northside of OKC.
  • I delivered DD there in 2007 and loved it!  Will be delivering there again in a few weeks! Big Smile

  • How exiting! Good luck and congrats!
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