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Things to do?

I live in western KY but was hoping you ladies could help me. DH and I are planning to go to St. Louis for the weekend for our anniversary in August. Anyone have any suggestions on places to eat or things to do? Neither of us have ever been there so any suggestions would be great. TIA
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Re: Things to do?

  • I would check out the Nestie board for STL instead.  We generally are more vocal over there and others have recently asked similar questions, so you should get some good responses!
  • If you want something that is fun and different, go to the City Museum! 

    My favorite place to go in the city.  If you like chocolate, Bailey's Chocolate Bar.

    The zoo is free and that can be a good time. It is in Forest Park which is a cool park to hang around.  The art museum is not too far from the zoo and I think their is a new modern wing that has just opened.  The history museum, which is on the other side of the park, has the Vatican Splendor exhibit.

     If you like the city feel and want to shop, go to Washington Ave.

    If you want a smaller town feel, like Newbury Street in Boston, you want to check out the CWE (Central West End).

    I've lived here for almost 1/2 of my life, but I have never been in the Arch, which is something that you might want to do since it is the monument that people most associate with St Louis.

    Happy anniversary and enjoy St Louis.

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  • You could see if the Cardinals are playing the weekend that you come in. Or, see if there are any concerts at the Pageant that you are interested in. Also, see what shows are playing at the fox. Have fun!
  • Well my friend Cilley gave you a lot of what I could think of. Question is are you bringing the LO's? If not try a romantic dinner at Vin de Set for your anniversary. It french cuisine, near the city and you can eat outside on the roof top. It has a beautiful view. Or go to the Four Seasons downtown and go to the roof bar there, another beautiful view and the hotel is opulent. If you are a true foodie we have a restaurant in the Soulard/Benton Park area called Niche or Taste by Niche (Taste is a small plates stye restaurant) The Chef for both, Girard Craft, is nationally known and the mixologist, Ted Kilgore, is amazing. 

    A really eclectic part of town is the University City Loop. There are a ton of restaurants, wine bars (Remy's is a fave), shops and it is kid friendly. They have a fro-yo, Ben and Jerry's. A fun place to go is Blueberry Hill. It is a casual restaurant/bar, great burgers and the walls are covered with amazing collections of memorabilia ranging from the Simpson's to great photos of rock legends who have played there or who the owner has met. Also there is a great hotel there called the Moonrise. It is new and unique. It is next to an amazing live music venue called the Pageant. Also while you are here you have to try Pi pizza. It is so tasty and the crust is not like any other pizza. It is made from cornmeal. Skip the thin crust and go for the thick.

    As far as mall shopping: The Galleria or West County are great malls to shop. Plaza Frontenac is our upscale mall and is worth going to look around. They have a Tiffany's, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, etc. The mall is all parquet floor and tufted seating areas (don't feel like it is too ritzy to go to though it is not stuffy at all)

    If you have the kids, or even if you don't, City Museum is a great place to check out. 

    Are you a fan of Micro Brew? If so we have a great one. They have two locations, one down town called The Tap Room and another in Maplewood called The Bottleworks. Great beers and great food! There is also a great creole place in Maplewood called Boogaloo. They have swings at the bar. I love their Ginger Mojito.

    I could go on and on!! We have a great city and there are so many things to see and do. We take our LO everywhere and we love to try new places. A great reference for food and restaurants is and the River Front Times is a local paper that features restaurants and entertainment. They have a web site as well.

    While you are here you should try one of my favorite places in the Central West End called The Cupcakery (or The Cup) amazing cupcakes. 




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