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Is amniotic fluid sticky?

I think I might be leaking. 2-3 x tonight I've felt like I kind of peed in my pants. TMI!! I've been doing laundry, so I'm walking around in just a shirt and my underwear. It felt weird, like I was kind of sweating between my thighs & kind of sticky & it smelled like semen..just right now I went to the bathroom and my underwear were wet and I know I didn't pee... WDYT? Sorry if confusing to read as I am on my iPhone.
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Re: Is amniotic fluid sticky?

  • I would call my doc right away.  Even if you're wrong, this is a serious issue and should be discussed with him.




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  • I have been having this a lot lately and so I called and went in Sunday.  They said I needed to come in. was not a leak, but it was definitely nice to know.  I would definitely call, but I bet it is not amniotic fluid.
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  • What you have sounds like regular discharge. In my 3rd tri I had discharge so bad I had to wear a pantyliner. Amniotic fluid smells sweet not bleachy.
  • Does it have color? Could it be your mucus plug?

    They regenerate themselves, so even if you lost your mucus plug, another could take its place before baby comes. I think you should call your doc just to be safe! :) Good luck! 

  • It's probably a combination of discharge and sweat. Amniotic fluid is watery like urine but it's clear and not smelly.

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