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Downtown child care?

Hello all! 

My husband and I both work downtown.  We're thinking that given our work schedules, it makes the most sense to find child care near our workplaces instead of near home.  But, I have no idea how to find a good place!  Does anyone know of anywhere downtown that they would recommend, or a good resource on finding child care recommendations in Columbus?


Re: Downtown child care?

  • I have heard the childcare center in the Riffe Building is good.
  • JuliaJJuliaJ member
    My boss has taken his 18-month old son to the Goddard School downtown since he was 6 weeks, and has been very happy with it.
  • Ooo, both close by to my work!  Thanks for the tips!
  • I actually used City Kids which is right off of Marconi/Nationwide by the Arena Theatre.  My son is now 13, but I did run into the director that worked there when my son was there and it still seems to be running just as great as it was when he was there.  Only inconvenience is when there are events at the arena, traffic gets a little hairy.
  • One of my friends is in the process of pulling their child from the Goddard downtown.  It recently changed owners and the new owner is trying to decipher the shady book keeping of the previous owner.  The teacher turnover rate there is very high. 
  • My son goes to Heavenly Kids Center for Learning he has been there since he was 6 weeks and is 6 months now

    They are located at 

    Heavenly Kids Center For Learning

    404 E. Mound St.
    Columbus, OH 43215-5513
    They take children as young as 6 weeks, they have a security entrance, cameras in all the rooms (monitor in the office so you can drop in and see what is happening without going into the room). Before and after school programs, summer camp programs and they are expanding and are accepting new applicants.
    The staff is great and they notify if they suspect that your child is sick, and work with children to start teaching at an early age shapes, colors, words etc. They call themselves a school and don't like to be referred to as a daycare. :-)
  • We currently use Bright Horizons in the OPERS building. They have been great and I have friends who know several people with good experience there!
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