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Kmita Kim Tulsa CNM ?

I wondered if anyone has any experience with 
Kmita Kim a certified nurse midwife practicing at Southcrest and St. Francis South. She used to practice with Associate Women's before St. John banned midwives. I would appreciate hearing about you experience as I look at switching to her. I am interested in natural childbirth.  thanks,tulsatrends 

Re: Kmita Kim Tulsa CNM ?

  • I haven't heard of her.  Sorry.
  • Kim is my midwife, and she is amazing! This is my second pregnancy with her, and her before care is great. she's always for whatever you want to do, no matter if that's natural or not. i didn't get to have her for delivery (she was very sick that day- the first time in years!) but she came and checked on me while i was still in the hospital and was very understanding when i went in before my six weeks because of a concern i had. i'm really looking forward to the delivery this time, and to having her there! we joke that if she's not there, i'll have to go to her and hurt her badly! she really is a great woman and midwife.
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