Britax Models?

I'm looking at all the various models of the Britax convertible carseats...

*What is the main diff. between the Marathons vs. the Roundabouts vs. the Boulevards vs. the Diplomats???

Or are they all pretty much the same....I just want to try and buy 2 that we can use for the longest amount of time.

Anyone have a favorite they want to suggest??


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Re: Britax Models?

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    I believe the main differences are the weight/height limits. We have the marathon for DD, I love it but it is huge!

    If I'm remembering correctly the marathon goes up to 65lbs. (not sure of the height limit).

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    The roundabout and decathalon have shorter shells, therefore they only go up to 50lbs and the height restriction is probably shorter.  Now 50lbs is a lot, so I wasnt worried about the weight requirement as much as the height as DD was always in the 95th percentile for height.  We ended up getting a marathon for DHs car and a Boulevard for my car because they both go up to 65lbs (40lbs RFing) and I am not exactly sure of the height, maybe 42" or something.  They honestly take up as much room as the infant seat did.  DD seems more comfy in the Boulevard and we hope to get more of them for the twins.  Definitely check online because they are way cheaper online than in BRU or other stores.
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