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36 weeks and having trouble breathing


First off, can't believe I am 36 weeks. Secondly, I know it is the end and I'm not supposed to be comfortable but how uncomfortable should I be. I feel like the baby's taken residence under my ribs for the last month and am in so much pain at times and feel like I can hardly breathe. Should I call the Dr. or just suck it up.


Re: 36 weeks and having trouble breathing

  • I had a lot of the same problem around 36 weeks.  I also have asthma so I don't know if that added to it.  My doc told me to drink more water and stay indoors out of the heat.  If it gets really bad then do call the doc.
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  • Honestly, I was a LOT more uncomfortable between about 34-37ish weeks than I am now! I remember thinking that I would never make it to 40 weeks the way I was feeling, but things suddenly got worlds better for me when the baby dropped around 38 weeks. I am feeling great these days, which is a huge surprise as I expected to be one of those women who was SO DONE by now and I truly don't feel that way at all.

    Trouble breathing is normal... I definitely had it too, and in fact I still have a bruised rib on my left side from where she was pummeling me before she dropped (it apparently can takes weeks or even months to heal completely, so I still feel the pain even though she is not up there anymore). Regarding calling your doctor--when in doubt, even with a stupid question I always call. They may not be able to help but it can never hurt.

    I hope your little one drops soon so you can get some relief!

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    For the most part it's pretty normal..it sucks, but it's normal. I had the worst time breathing and would run out of breath by just taking 5 steps. DD never dropped, she was completely turned and pretty much in a sitting position so at 39 weeks I had a c-section and up until then I had issues breathing. Good luck! you are almost there, but if you really do worry about it I would call your Dr. just to give you some piece of mind.
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    Hope you feel better soon! It might be worth a call into the office to speak to a nurse and see what she/he has to say.
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  • I was having trouble breathing during the 30-35 week mark. I delivered early due to preeclampsia, but after that I ended up in the ER because of trouble breathing. I was so swollen from the preeclampsia post pregnancy and still had high blood pressure that fluid had built up around my heart. I had to have a ton of tests in the ER and get a nitro patch and have a cardiologist come in to take a look at me. I was also given Lasix to help flush out the fluids. My Labetalol was increased by triple to help with the BP.

    Needless to say, I would call the nurse/doctor because you never know what it may be.

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