Baby %'s and feeding WWYD?

Pedi asked what I was feeding the boys and I said I just switched them to Target brand... he said ok and I asked if I should have waited and he said they typically wait to go generic until they have reached 50% for weight. 

Oliver is 10lb 13oz and 10-25% 


Harrison is 11lb 13oz 25-50% (Harrison is also one inch taller and his head is one cm bigger)

He didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal but now I'm feeling guilty for wanting to save money... They had been on Enfacare and one can for $15 lasted us about one day....

Also could ID babies have differences like that- everyone besides me thinks they are ID...

I don't know how to post pics on here but I have some on my blog...


Re: Baby %'s and feeding WWYD?

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    I switched my boys from Enfamil GentleEase to Target brand around 8 months.  I never heard that about generic formula and percentages.

    Does Enfacare have a higher calorie content?

    FWIW - my son James is in the 16% for weight.  My pedi is happy as long as James stays on his course and doesn't lose weight.

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    I never heard that about generics and percentages either but my boys never tolerated the generics well when we tried them, so it wasn't really an issue for us. Ditto pp's question about whether there's a difference in calories per oz.

    And yes, IDs can definitely have size differences.

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    I've never heard of % and generic, if that were true then my DS would never have been on generic, he stays at 9% for weight consistently. My thoughts are that if your boys are doing fine on it, stay with it. Did he say anything about him falling off his growth curve to warrant a worry about his weight?
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    My pedi didn't say anything like that when we mentioned we were going to switch to Up & Up at our last appointment.  I think they were the same age (2 1/2 months) and our boys weighed 11lbs 6 oz and 12lbs, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. 
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    IDs can definitely have those kinds of differences. Mine were typically a bit different, weight-wise and percentile-wise.

    And I've been wondering about your boys. They do look an awful lot alike (in the pics on your blog) but I haven't really studied them too closely for identical-ness. Maybe I will...

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    Are you on facebook?  I have a great pic of them on there from my phone...
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