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Cord Blood Donating

Hi Ladies,

Has anyone looked into cord blood donations in LA county? Is it entirely privatized or is there a public way to go about it. DH and I figure that we don't want to pay to store ours, but why let it go to waste?


Re: Cord Blood Donating

  • I was surprised the hospitals were quite limited in CA (for public donations) - however, I hear couriers pick up at many other hospitals.


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  • If this posts twice, I apologize.  My computer froze so I'm trying again.

    When I was pregnant, I told my Dr. that I would either bank my cord blood or donate it.  She said there was no option to donate in our area.  I was so surprised!  We ended up privately banking. 

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  • The hospital where you deliver has to be signed up for the public bank to participate.  The public bank was signing up a lot of hospitals but the bad economy made them curtail their activities.  You should either contact the hospital but also you could search over the internet for a contact number of the public bank.
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