2 1/2 months old nap ?

The boys are officially STTN! Usually 10-6/7

However, they do not nap well during the day, Oliver nods off here and there but only for a few minutes.  I'll spend a 1/2 hr rocking him to sleep and then put him down. 5 minutes later he's wide awake!

Harry naps better and even when he's awake he's not fussing.

What was your schedule like? When should I be trying to get them to nap and how? Also should I start moving up there bed time to earlier or will they just wake up earlier then?

Re: 2 1/2 months old nap ?

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    I actually read HSHHC when my boys were about that age and started following his guidelines for knowing when and how to put the LOs down for bed. Before then their "naps" were like you described, and from the very first day I followed the HSHHC principles, they started taking fairly regular and consistent naps! (Obviously with "off" days and weeks from time to time.) They've been pretty good sleepers overall since then, too. It was amazing. I know all babies are different but it might be worth a try!
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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