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Standing/Lunging out of tub?

DD is still in her water-phobic phase. I finally have her to where she doesn't cry during her baths. I put her in a toddler tub inside of the big tub. She does ok until water touches her somewhere she doesnt like (face, hair)-then she stands up and reaches out to me, lunging out of the tub. Any ideas how to get her to stop doing that? I keep saying repeatedly "Avery, you have to sit down please" and I do anything to get her sitting down. She will, but within a few seconds shes doing it again so I feel like the entire bath consists of me trying to get her sitting down. DH has tried helping or doing baths and its even worse-she knows he'll pick her up so I know that doesnt help.

Re: Standing/Lunging out of tub?

  • Are you trying to get her to sit bc she is lunging out of the tub and can fall or something?  Can you just put her in the regular tub, but with only a little water?  That way she can't lunge out of the tub.

    DD loves the water, so I can't help there.  But she spends 99% of the time crawling around in the tub and standing up and placing toys on the edge or throwing them out.  The only time she is sitting is when she plops herself down, but then she is immediately back up.   I just don't make her sit.

  • Have you tried bathing her in the kitchen sink? I wouldn't force the tub on her if she is showing fear. It will pass, but in the mean time maybe try the sink just to get her clean. It is higher up and your right there with her at her level. My nephew went through a phase like this, he got over it pretty quick (right about the same age).

    Ryan loves the water too, but he does like to stand. I try and make him sit because I am afraid of him slipping. I am right there but he is so slippery! I have a small rubber traction mat in there, but he likes to crawl and play too.  

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  • I would try the kitchen sink as well, do you bathe her every day?  If not, maybe you can try that, just to get into a routine so she'll expect a bath before bed every night.

  • Eve is the same way.. she sits and plays happily until I try to wash her hair.. She's not afraid of the water.. she just hates getting the water on her head..   My DH helps with almost every bath. He basically just holds her down and forces her to sit.. and I wash her as fast as I can.
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