AW and Holy Cow has this happened to you

My babies turned one today. The day is almost over and I am still amazed that a year has gone by.

We took them to the National Zoo today, where they were most entertained by the sparrows who were trying to eat their Kix. While I was standing next to their stroller, but distracted, a foreign tourist pushed up the visor on their stroller and knelt down to take their picture. I completely lost my mind. The fact that she didn't speak English was no barrier to her ability to understand that she needed to get away from me ASAP. It is a good thing that my husband and nanny were there because they kept me from killing her.

My mom, after hearing the story, did not think that it was a big deal.  I am used to the regular annoying attention but no one has ever done this. Has this happened to you? Is my mom right? Did I overreact?

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Re: AW and Holy Cow has this happened to you

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    I think I would have flipped if some stranger came up and did that.. but that's just me.
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    Not there yet, but I can tell you that I would have reacted the same way. WTF.
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    I wouldn't have gone crazy but, I would have let her know that I didn't appreciate it.

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    A Japanese tourist started videotaping my twins at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. I was so caught off guard I didn't know what to say. I just not-so-subtly turned the stroller to face the opposite direction. Seriously weird!!!
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    I hasn't happened to me, it happened to DH, the person at least asked and he said no. Now if they had started snapping pictures without asking I would have flipped too.
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    Taking pictues of children without their parent's consent is a big NO.  And lifting the visor/canopy?  O..M..G.


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