Advice for Travel with 13 month old Twins??

We will be going on our 1st family vacation in September.  We have a 6 hour flight to our destination with 1 layover.  Our twins will be 13 months old. 

Any advice for travel/flying??  I'm so nervous!!  Should we hold them on our laps during the flight?  How do we keep them entertained?  Eek!

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Re: Advice for Travel with 13 month old Twins??

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    well we flew when the girls were 8 months old and had them on our laps...which we will do again if we fly b4 the girls turn 2 - I would highly recommended getting an extra seat so between you and DH and your 2 LOs you have 3 seats just for the extra space (to put toys, sippy cups, your elbow, etc.) and so you can all likely sit together in the same row...(3 seats = 4 oxygen masks) 

    My girls are 13 months now and I would bring a portable dvd player and some small toys for the flight along with plenty of snacks and sippy cups/bottles for take-off and landings...I would bring my stroller again and gate check it...dh and I would each bring our carryon/diaper bag and I would check all other luggage...GL!  I was soooooooo nervous leading up to the trip and it really wasn't all that bad...the girls did great and people were actually very nice and helpful...the stewardess did mention how cute that they were "a few months apart" but other than a few stupid comments all was right with the world...Hope you are going somewhere fun!

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    There is a multiples blog out there called "How Do You Do It?"

    We are travelIng to CA with our twins in August, and I found a 3 part post on there that is really detailed and helpful for traveling with twins. Here is the link:

    Hope this helps! Good luck! 

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    janjagjanjag member

    daisybride78, thanks for that link.   will check it out. 

    we are travelling at 15mos.  one, non-stop flight, 5hrs.  we got 3 seats for the 4 of us, so we can sit in the same row, and not ALWAYS have to hold a baby. 

    we leave early in the morning, so will have to wake them early.  my biggest hope is a decent nap during the flight.  from what i've heard it probably won't happen. 

    we are bringing our bob and one car seat.  my mom will meet us when we arrive w/one carseat and a minivan.  we will sleep them in PNPs that i'll scope out on CL ahead of time, or that my mom will have borrowed.  what a pita.  not exactly a vacation, but there's got to be a first time! 

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    janjagjanjag member

    omg, after checking out that blog link i am freaking out a bit.  we must be nuts for travelling with LOs at this age.

    think i will stock up on tin foil/masking tape.  when we get to my mom's.  i've been trying to figure out what we'll use to darken rooms for sleep.  my mom is going to think i'm totally ridiculous.

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    I just flew to Spain 1 week ago with the twins for the first time. We got 4 seats for all of us because it's a long flight. It was a direct flight and 7h. They slept for most of the flight because it was an evening/overnight flight.

    I brought a bunch of toys. I brought 2 carseats and their stroller because I really need it in Europe. My mom got everything else for us.

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