favortisim and DH

How do i get throught to DH that he cant be so one sided with the LOs? He defintely prefers DS over DD and shows it.  before long they will pick up on that.  how do i get him to see the importance of this?

Re: favortisim and DH

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    I would just be totally upfront with DH and tell him you notice how he's making preference with your LOs. I bet once you point that out to him, he will hopefully make a conscious effort to pay DD just as much attention.


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    Eli looks exactly like DH and James doesn't. DH actually said early on that he felt more connected to Eli because he looks more like him. Eli is also more outgoing than James, which added to it. I could tell, but I could also see that he was trying to give them equal attention. I don't think that he feels that way as much anymore. Maybe just bring it to his attention. 
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    Have you talked to him about it? I found the only way to get over that hump was to have open communication about it. We had one long talk, then after that I'd lightheartedly point it out when I saw DW favoring DS over DD. It really turned things around; quickly in our case.
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    I noticed this with DH and DD a little as well.  She looks a lot like him and is much more interactive/outgoing than DS.  I haven't said anything outright, although I have done a couple more passive things like "you know, we have a million pictures of you and DD and zero of you holding DS, what is the deal?" we try and take turns with each of them as much as possible (i.e. who feeds who for dinner or who holds who for swim class), I think these things helped him correct it.  If it gets really bad, you should just bring it up in a non-judgemental way so he doesn't get defensive.
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