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So I'm the type of person who has to print out all of my photos.  I'm not into scrapbooking (too time consuming and I'm not crafty AT ALL) so I usually put them all in photo albums.

My question...what do you do with all of the albums? I have TONS of them going back to high school-my HS and college ones are all packed up in the attic from when I moved and I have about 10 more on my bookshelves down here that are post-college. I'm about a year behind putting photos away (oops), but am working on putting them in albums. I really don't know what to do with all of them-I don't want to pack the albums away but I really doubt they'll get looked at much-its just my way of "storing" them I guess and they're easier to look at then going through envelopes of pics.  What do you do to store photos??

Re: Photo Albums/Picture Storage

  • I make a yearly photo book (usually through shutterfly) of all my favorite pics. I did one of Evan's first year, and I plan on doing one every year for him. I have a few from before he was born of just DH and I and family/friends, but I'd like to be more on top of it now. I just pick my favorite shots from each event/season/month and make a page for each in the book.

    But, if I did it for EVERY pic I took, it would get expensive. I take LOTS of pictures! If I printed them all out I would need to get a part time job just to pay for them!! I just print out my most favorites, and store the rest at phanfare dot com.

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