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Can you give LO too much Mylicon?

DD has always been a gassy baby. We've used Mylicon in almost every bottle.

Here lately, she's even fussier. Last night was the worst, and I believe she may have colic.

Is it possible to give her too much Mylicon? Like OD on it? I'm taking her Sick Time tomorrow morning to make sure it's not her ears or anything else, and I will ask pedi then, but thought I'd ask her as well.

It's the only thing that seems to calm her down when she's in her hours long screaming fest.


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Re: Can you give LO too much Mylicon?

  • I called poison control when DS was about 8wks b/c I accidentally gave him the toddler dose and they said "Mylicon is extremely safe. We have had moms call in whose toddlers drank the whole bottle."  So, I'd say if you don't exceed the 12 doses/day on a regular basis, you should be OK.  Also, the calming may be psychological. Sometimes on bad days when he's had a lot, I just put a drop on the tip of DS's nuk & pop it in his mouth and VOILA, happy guy.
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  • As long as you are following the dosing recommendations on the bottle, I would say you're good. I'm wondering if you've tried gripe water? We use Colic Ease gripe water sometimes when DS gets like that, and like pp said about giving just a drop of mylecon, just a little bit of gripe water, can be enough to calm him down. I haven't tasted it personally, but I imagine it's sweet since it's basically sugar water, and I think he likes it. Mylecon helps his gas, but based on the faces he makes when he takes it, he doesn't like it much, so we only use it when we know it's really a gas issue.

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  • from my undestanding, mylicon is very safe. DD gets the infant dose in every single one of her bottles. prevents the gas and has been working great for us.

    like the PP said, gripe water is amazing for colic. DD also had colic at 2 months and it helped a lot. also a warm bath helped as well, if your DD doesn't mind bath time.

    just remember, it does get better :)

  • Thanks ladies. I went out and bought Gripe water today, but got home and realized that it's apple flavored? *sigh* So I'm taking it back and getting plain when H wakes up.

    and Soto-I keep repeating that when it happends. That and "this too shall pass" thanks to my mom.

    Hopefully it passes sooner rather than later. =/

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  • I asked that question at LO's GI visit and here's what her doctor said...

    Me: Can I overdose her on Mylicon drops?

    Doc:::laughs:::: Common question and it would be very hard to do that! You'd have to give her several bottles. It's extremely safe. You can give it to her at every feeding, just use the recommended dosage. 


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