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Question re: NJ paid leave for baby bonding

Hoping someone has an answer to this

My due date is 8/10. I have been collecting NJ short term disability since May due to pregnancy complications

Am I still entitled to continue collecting disabilty 6 weeks after my delivery date and,

Can I still apply for the nj paid family leave, which is an additional 6 weeks for newborn bonding

Also Im not sure if I plan on returning to my current job. Still undecided. When should I give them notice.

Sorry for all of the questions. Would really appreciate any response. Thanks!!

Re: Question re: NJ paid leave for baby bonding

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    I'm not sure about the 6 weeks after pregnancy, but you can definately collect the 6weeks for newborn bonding, but you can't collect it until your short term disability is over.  You have a year after the baby is born to collect it.  As far as quitting while on the 6weeks bonding, just call in 2 weeks before it's done to give your notice.  That's what my HR person told me to do if I decided not to come back.

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    I was on disability before my daughter came.  I received an additional 8 weeks (c-section) after her birth and another 6 weeks of njfmla after that.  As for quitting - give 2 weeks notice but wait until after your njfmla gets approved.
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    and don't forget you have to give your employer 30 days notice of your intent to file for the paid njflma/bonding claim... or your payment can be delayed by the state (and therefore cut a few weeks potentially)... in theory, you would be ON your post-birth disability for about 10 days when you're supposed to 'give notice'... i gave them notice already in writing just so i wouldn't forget in the hubbub of post-birth...(and i'm currently one week into the 4-wks pre-birth STD... ).... i am taking the 6 wks post birth paid std leave and the 6 weeks bonding leave immed after that...   i was also told by an atty IF you plan to quit at the end, and if you receive health benefits (i am on my husband's) and your employer cares to be a jerk, they have the right try to recoup some of those benefit costs that they've 'paid into' ...  if you quit right before coming back... tho most employers really aren't gonna go thru the $ of suing an employee for $1g+ worth of benefits... just food for thought... :)  best of luck!!!!!!

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