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Baby Shower Locations

Hi everyone! Do you guys know any good places in Suffolk County where we could do our baby shower. Somewhere reasonably priced and that can accomodate for at least 30-40 ppl. Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Baby Shower Locations

  • I don't know where in Suffolk County you're looking, but I LOVE Milk and Sugar in BayShore. I also LOVE Francesco's Trattoria in East Islip on Main St. Another place I heard that was really good, but I have never tried was a luncheonette and breakfast place in Smithtown called Maureen's Kitchen. My baby shower was at the 56th Fighter Group in Farmingdale, which is borderline Nassau/Suffolk. Hope this helps.
  • Milk & Sugar is GREAT!  Plus, they recently opened a catering hall across the street from their main location so your event can be private. 

     Also, try the Irish Coffee Pub.  It is on Carleton Avenue in East Islip.  It is very nice and the food is good. 

    A lot of the Lessings locations will do private parties too.  You can Google Lessings catering or something like that and it will bring up the info.

    There are a number of golf & country clubs that can hold your event in their club house too.


  •  I just went to a bridal shower in Woodbury (close to suffolk county). They also do baby showers. It was great.  Really comfy couch seating, buffet style dining, bistro tables, karaoke, pool in the back room for guys who want to stay.  The owner was really nice.  I was talking to her because I am going to make my sisters baby shower there in December.  Very reasonable and beautifully decorated.  They let you bring in your own food or they can help you order from anywhere you want.  You can go to their website  hope this helps

  • john harvards in lake grove is good
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