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Child care in Suffolk county?

My husband and I are just getting started TTC and doing some research- what are the costs of childcare per child in Suffolk county? We are weighing a daycare center like Tutortime, or a babysitter/nanny who comes weekdays to our home. What does everyone else use?

We will only need care 9-10 months of the year, and I will be teaching and can pick up mid-afternoons. 

 We have heard around $250.00/week or $1000.00/month-have people found that to be accurate?

We are in mid-eastern Suffolk, on the South shore.




Re: Child care in Suffolk county?

  • My sister lives on the north shore in Suffolk and loved Kiddie Academy.  Not sure if they are on the south shore....
  • I know a bunch of people who take their children to the YMCA in BayShore, but I don't know how expensive it is. I think it's around what your post says above.
  • Thanks! Good to know- it didn't even occur to me that the YMCA might have daycare. There is actually a nice new one going up nearby. And I need to check out Kiddie Academy-I have heard that come up a lot recently. Thanks!
  • The going rate on the south shore is $1300/ month for infant.  I went to atleast a half dozen places- tutor time, kiddie acc, etc
  • $500-$1000 per week for a nanny depending on your hours

    Kindercare in Huntington is $369 per week for an infant 

  • i used to work at the suffolk y jcc in commack i HIGHLY recommend it
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