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Security guards posted at Buffalo city pools

Wow, this is CRAZY!  I thought it was bad when Syracuse City officials had to put guards at the city pools at night because of kids breaking in.  No wonder pools are closing everywhere.


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Armed security guards have been posted at public pools in Buffalo after a lifeguard was pulled into the water by rowdy teenagers and other unruly behavior prompted safety concerns for parks employees.

The city's eight public outdoor pools were shut down last Thursday after fights broke out and a locker room was vandalized.

At one pool, a 16-year-old lifeguard says she was yanked by her ankles into the water when she tried to restore order. She says she struck her head on a drain and then was repeatedly dunked by several teenagers until another lifeguard rescued her.

The teen was treated at a Buffalo hospital for a mild concussion.

City parks officials say security guards were on duty over the weekend and will be working at the pools for the rest of the summer

Re: Security guards posted at Buffalo city pools

  • There is something seriously wrong in our society for this to happen.  I cannot believe the city of Buffalo didn't just shut down the pools for the summer after these two incidents.  Next thing we will hear about are swimmers arming themselves to protect "thier right to swim" or something other crazy excuse to challenge authority
  • Wow!  What the heck is wrong with people?!?!

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  • I think the problem is that kids today are being raised with little respect for adults.  They treat their parents like crap and get away with it so they think it's ok to treat others that way also.  DH is a teacher- he has had to call some parents regarding their child's behavior and the parents are totally defensive and questioning him as the adult in the room.  It's really sad that we're living in a society like this.  All the more reason to teach our little ones to respect others. 
  • It is scary.. but I don't think they should shut down the pools for the summer.. Around memorial day when it was so hot, two separate teenagers drowned because they had to swim in the rivers/creeks because the pools weren't open.. and the currents were too strong. I don't think security guards are a bad idea at a lot of places.
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