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Anyone buy Dwell Studio (Target) bedding?

What was the quality like?  I found a comforter I like for his next bed (no, I'm not moving him anytime soon), but I am not able to see it in person.  I'm buying it now so I can start decorating his room (we just moved). 

I really like the quality of other Dwell Studio stuff, so I imagine it's probably decent.  I don't need top of the line, but don't want cheap either.

Re: Anyone buy Dwell Studio (Target) bedding?

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    i bought Dwell sheets and window coverings for DD crib...they have held up pretty good so far.  (you can return Target stuff the bricks and morter store, usually, just in case they don't work out.)
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    We have several Dwell Studio pieces for DS's room and we love them. The quality is great for the price!
    I like privacy. A lot.
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    Good to know, thanks ladies!
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    We have dwell studio in DDs crib now and have already bought another set for her toddler bed (it will be awhile but I loved the pattern). Granted, we aren't using the comforter now, but the sheets/curtains have have held up great, it seems pretty comfortable and is decently made for the price.
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    I got the zoo animal crib bedding and overall loved it but most disapointing was the elastic in the sheet broke the first time i washed it!!!

    The quilt has held up great softer with washing (The bumper did too) and the curtain pannel was really nice and lined. I LOVE all things Dwell and Dwell studio.  I like to think our sheet was a fluke....


    What set were you looking at ? Just curious :)

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