Cervix 1.5 and funneling

Down from 3.7 two weeks ago!  I've been having tons of BH the last two days to the point where I did start paying attention to how often and how long last night.  OB only put me on modified BR.  Does that seem too light?  I feel like it's more serious, but she didn't seem as concerned as I'd thought.  

Re: Cervix 1.5 and funneling

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    That's a pretty significant drop.  What does your MFM think??  Did they do a fetal fibronectin? 
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    I'm only seeing an OB who doesn't refer out.  I know, I know.  That's why I'm asking the question because it seems like it should be more serious to me.  
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    janjagjanjag member

    mine kept getting shorter/funneling while on bedrest, so who knows!  all the peris/obs i saw said they don't know if bedrest even helps.  eeesh.  to me/my docs it was worth it.  with so much uterine expansion going on and so much pressure on the cervix it makes good sense to take pressure of  the cervix as much as possible. 

    i'm assuming you got a ffn test? 

    everyone is different, but i went to .5cm at 28wks and babies stayed in till 33w4d.  GL!

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    no FFN test at all.  babies measured 4 lbs 7 ozs & 4 lbs 4 ozs - 90+ percentile.  
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    hey lady! I think she should have done the ffn, I am now getting them weekly from my ob. Also, what did she say "modified bedrest" was? If it was me, I would ask to be refereed to a Peri, you can't be too careful! 
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    Yeah, my OB told me if I got to a 2.5, it would be strict BR for me.   I'd be tempted to try to get in touch with her this weekend and insist on a referral to a specialist.


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    At 30 weeks, I was also put on modified BR for a shortened cervix (2.5). This was really hard for me as a SAHM with two little ones. But, I was lucky to have help from my inlaws and very supportive husband. I wish you lots of luck. Good luck with the ffn test. Things could still go great for you! I was induced at 38 weeks -- I wish you the same great outcome!!
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    I was put on strict bedrest last week Friday after spending the night in the hospital. When I was admitted my cervix had gone from being 4.4 cm and closed two weeks before to 2.2 cm, 1 cm dilated, 75% effaced and having contractions. To me it seems you haven't been restricted enough.
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    3 weeks ago I was sent straight to the hospital when in one week my cervix went from 2.5ish-1.6 with funneling.  They wanted to start me on Procardia (I had been having a good number of BH), but that didn't go well and they could not continue it.  I ended up staying in the hospital for 6 days with 24 hours on magnesium.  I was 1-2 cm dilated and 30-40% effaced (depending on who checked me).  They did an FFN which came back negative.

    I've been on bed rest ever since (only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and shower once daily).  On u/s this week my cervix was 1.4 after 3 weeks of bedrest.  I find with the strict bedrest I have less BH (for the most part).  I would think they may want to start you on Procardia or something if you're having that many BH.  If I were you, I would definitely take it easy and maybe make your bedrest a little more strict until you can talk to your OB again.

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    Hey there - just read this and same as everyone else - was on bedrest when my cervix went down to 1.5 (both pregnancies were around 28 weeks) and it lengthened and the doc took me off BR.  I was also getting tons of BH at that time, esp. during Tab's pregnancy.  Forgot to mention that I was also put on procardia at that time for both pregnancies too... got me to 35.5 for the boys and 34 for the girl.  Hopefully you can see a peri or at least get a rx for procardia. 
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