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2nd Trimester

plus size moms, when did you feel movement?

Im a size 20 this is my first baby and still no movement (18weeks)

i know it takes longer in larger women but how much longer???

Re: plus size moms, when did you feel movement?

  • imagejos1999:

    i know it takes longer in larger women but how much longer???

    I still don't buy this line.  I get that it'd take longer to feel it from the outside, but as someone once said, my uterus is not insides are not fat. I get H not being able to feel it until longer, but for me not to feel it?  Idk. 

    That being said, I'm plus-sized and felt my very first flutters at 16 weeks?  Then nothing for a few weeks and starting this week, daily flutters/bubbles/twitches...mostly gas-ish feelings and muscle twitches.   

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  • I am about the same size and I started feeling movement around 17 weeks, but I wasn't sure it was LO until about 19 weeks.

    I've seen a lot of people say they didn't get movement until like 20-22 weeks, so I wouldn't worry.

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  • I am a size 16, and felt my baby at 17 weeks, and she has been going strong since.  I think everyone is different, I know a girl who was much thinner than me, and didn't feel her baby until 24 weeks!

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  • With DS it was 17 weeks and with this pregnancy it was 15 weeks.  It doesnt take longer for plus size moms to feel there babies, it takes longer to feel from the outside in!  But most first movements happen between 15-22 weeks.  You feel it soon!  GL
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  • I started feeling little flutters at 17 weeks and then huge kicks at 20 weeks. At 27ish weeks I actually saw the little one kick.
  • I'm plus size as well, 22-24 and I felt fluuters at about 16 weeks, but this is my third. I waited to say anything for about a week, because I wanted to be sure. Full on kicks startrd about 20 wks. and I can now see and feel them ocasionally on the outside at 25 wks. Good Luck, it's a great feeling and it will happen for you soon!

  • I am also plus size and I started feeling the baby at 20 weeks. Smile
  • imagejos1999:

    Im a size 20 this is my first baby and still no movement (18weeks)

    i know it takes longer in larger women but how much longer???

    I felt movement at about 22 weeks. This is my first and I'm about a size 20/22.
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  • I'm a size 14 pre-pregnancy, so not plus sized but not a little thing either.  I first felt flutters (this is my second pregnancy) at 16/17 weeks. 
  • i started out a size 16 with baby #1 and felt flutters at 13 weeks. this time i started a size 18 and also felt first flutters at 13 weeks.  it all depends on the baby and momma and if you know what to expect. being a 2nd time momma, its a little easier to know what is gas bubbles or muscle twitches and what is baby.

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  • I am size 16. I felt the first flutters at 16 weeks. At that point I thought it might be too early - was it just gas? But it gradually occurred more frequently. Last week (19 weeks) it got a little stronger. I'm not quite at the point where you can feel it at the outside. But now I know that those first flutters were really the baby moving around and not just gas!
  • I felt the first flutters beginning of the 15th week, then I feel some when i sleep on my back.
  • I felt my first flutters at 16 wks and first kick at 20 wks, BUT she's really really low in my uterus so though there's room above her, there's less room where she's hanging out.

    THat said, I don't know that it should really take longer to feel flutters, but rather it might take longer to feel it from the outside.  I'd guess your LO is just not moving as much quite yet.  I'm sure it's coming.

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  • I was in a minor car accident at 15 weeks and started feeling fluttery movement within 2 minutes after impact. I was 245 lbs and 5'9 before pregnancy. Maybe the protective mommy instinct was turned on (or my adrenaline kick started him)  but I felt it almost every day after that. I am currently 19 weeks (with my first) and am starting to feel definite poking/kicking this week.
  • With DD#1, I didn't feel anything until around week 20-21.  With this pregnancy, I felt some flutters around week 17 & now little "Pedro" or "Maria" is rocking it like no one's business.  (We call it "Pedro" or "Maria" because it is our little gift from Mexico)
  • I started feeling regular movement around 21 weeks. That being said she still had her active days and lazy days. I don't know why it would take longer. If the baby kicks your uterus, I think you would feel it because there's no extra baggage in your uterus.
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  • I felt my first ones at 18 weeks.  i wasn't expecting it until later so was pleasantly surprised.  I haven't felt any huge kicks yet.  but I'm sure in the next week or two I will.
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  • This last week (21-22 weeks) was the first week I have consistently felt flutters each day.  I have an anterior placenta, which means I can only feel the baby's flutters way down low right now.

    Being overweight doesn't change when you first feel them from the inside, but definitely will change when you can feel them from the outside.

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