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so I totally knew I shouldnt have left the house today..

I decided to take the bottles in to be recycled. I get to price chopper and 1) the glass container is broken and the can container scans my cans goes to take them then spits them back out...

fine, off to guest services...they take the bottles- I grab a few things- go to my car and notice my cell phone is missing..I retrace my steps (the meat case, the baking aisle, the milk- cause it wouldnt be the first time I set the phone in with the ground beef) and then back to the check out who said they gave it to guest services...

so i go to claim my phone and they inform me they just gave it to someone else...WTF? so the police were called and we filed a report...and the guy I guess paid a bill before he claimed my they have an address...


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Re: so I totally knew I shouldnt have left the house today..

  • Oh no.  I hope they find it.  I really dislike people sometimes. 
  • Hopefully they get it back since they have the address.  Keep us posted.
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  • What a scumbag. A really dumb scumbag. Hope you get it back! And you're returning cans and bottles when it's like 100* out? You're nuts! haha!
  • Ugh!!!
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  • wendyjwendyj member
    Thatsucks. Hope you get it back soon.
  • I'm about to send that douche a text message.
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