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Help!! Monmouth County Day Care

I am getting cold feet about putting DS in day care. We were between Children of America in Oakhurst, NJ and Next Generation in Eatontown, NJ. Last week I decided on Next Generation because even though it is not as nice of a facility I felt more comfortable with the people. All of a sudden I am panicing that I am making the wrong decision and I don't know anyone in the area who uses day care. Does anyone have any experience with either of these 2 places? TIA!!

Re: Help!! Monmouth County Day Care

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    Did you visit Kindercare in Eatontown or Goddard in West Long Branch? I liked them MUCH more than NextGeneration!

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    i use to work at COA and I would suggest not going there for numerous reason.... stick with your gut and save yourself heartache
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    No exp. with those two facilities but First Discoveries on 35 in Middletown (Red Bank) is great!
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