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Droid question (post & run)

I currently have a Palm Centro and am going to get a new phone soon. With the palm I can sync it with Palm Desktop and have all my contacts on my computer and my phone, all my photos, videos, etc.


Is there something similar for the Droid?  


I'll check back later. TIA

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Re: Droid question (post & run)

  • The Droid automatically syncs to a gmail account (either a previous one you already have, or you create one before you can even walk put of the store with your new phone) anytime you add a new contact. If you ever have to replace your phone, you just input the same email address and your contacts are imported. For videos and pictures, you can upload them to, called Pix Place. If you'd like, then you can save them to your computer. Also, the phone charger cord doubles as a USB cord, so you can pull them directly to your computer if you'd like.

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  • Thank you!!
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