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NBR: Any skincare experts?

I am trying to figure out what products I should be using.  I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff.

I have sensitive skin and I have to be very careful with products because many cause drying/redness/peeling.  However, I still get acne from time to time (usually related to my cycle) and my face can get pretty oily in the summer especially, but my cheeks and forehead are usually really dry. I also get blackheads on my nose.  I would like something that helps even my complexion out, doesn't dry out my skin, and helps with the acne and blackheads.  What should I be using?

Re: NBR: Any skincare experts?

  • If you don't get any answers here I would try RPing on the Fashion & Beauty board. They may know.

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    Go to your local department store and check out the Clinique counter. They are great for sensitive skin and will be able to recommend the products that you need for your skin type.

     They'll probably recommend getting the liquid soap, but get the bar instead. It works just as good, but lasts A LOT longer. It'll seem like you're paying a lot more than you would for products from a drug store, but the bottles are much bigger. I don't really think it's much different cost-wise, but I lurve my Clinique!

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