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DH & I are working together trying to figure out a budget for our family, because I would like to stop working once the new baby is born.

I don't get going to a nest board and asking what other people think of your budget. Maybe I'm just weird, but I feel like any cuts and/or budget amounts should be (and are) discussed between my husband and I - not a bunch of strangers. And if it happens to be that we can't or dont want to live on one income - then I wouldn't want a bunch of strangers judging me for my decisions.

We started living on his income alone 2 months ago, and sometimes it's harder with the "fun" stuff, but I think it's made us so much more responsible and it's amazing how much we can save in a month without even cutting any of our monthly bills - just our spending habits. Kind of makes me wish we would have started living on a tighter budget a long time ago!

And I will add that if we needed to cut something to make ends iPhone will be one of the first things cut! Yes, it's great and fun to have - but I do not need it! I want it, and we're able to afford it so I have it - but I would have no problem giving it up if I had to!

Re: s/o Budgets

  • It's a fairly common thing on MM for people to post their budgets and get help. Often these people are not in a "dropping to one income" situation, but in a "digging a bigger hole" situation.

    As a lot of the women there have learned about personal finance through there own experiences, they can be great assistance.

    That being said, even when DH & I were paying off CC debt, I never posted our budget. I only lurked there and learned a TON that helped us that way.

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  • I think I'd ask for help if I cut everything that I could think of.  But I wouldn't ask it on a board. 
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  • Oh I totally lurk there a lot, I think the board has a lot of great information. I guess I'm just too personal with my financial information that I'd rather not put it all out there to be judged. But then again I'm a pretty finance-minded person (being a CPA and all) so maybe it just comes more natually for me and not always the case.
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    I agree. I personally wouldn't put my budget out there b/c I feel it is something between dh and I. However, just from reading that post I can see how helpful those ladies seem and they really were offering some good advice. It is a shame she didn't want to take any of it.
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  • We trying to be better with our spending and cutting some things out.
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