Birth Story - long (& scary)

I am just getting around to posting my birth story because, not gonna lie, it was terrifying and I didn't know when I'd be able to describe it in detail.
I am feeling a lot better as compared with this time last week. I was induced starting Wednesday evening (6/23) at 36w6d due to high blood pressure. Since my pressure was high and I was 'spilling protein' in my urine, I had to be on magnesium sulfate during the induction to lower my BP as well as help prevent seizures (a side effect of pregnancy-induced hypertension). So from Wednesday evening until 24 hours after delivery I was completely bed-ridden. Not only was I bed-ridden but the magnesium sulfate made me feel really sick/flu-like. I kept telling DH my mouth was on fire, but the nurse wouldn't let me drink water OR have ice chips because they were monitoring how much IV fluid they were putting into me as well as how much I was 'outputting' via a Foley Catheter (note: these are not fun if you don't have an epidural yet, ick). Talk about torture. I remember being SO hot from the mag sulfate and everyone that came in (Mom/Dad, DH's parents, etc..) complained about how cold the room was - apparently we had the thermostat set near 60 :) I don't remember much about what went on Thursday, I do remember them breaking my water around 9am - that was the most unbearable pain I think I've ever been in. I could NOT stop screaming. I was only 3cm and 80% when they did it. From then on, every time they checked me I was writhing in pain. The doctors said not many patients are in pain during internals but clearly I am of the minority. I don't want to relive THAT anytime soon. I also remember getting my epidural immediately after they broke my water which relieved the pain from the contractions but I could still feel my cervix dilating and it was just as painful as the internals! By the time I got to 10cm (12 hours later) I couldn't take it any longer. My energy was just completely gone. They topped off my epi at 9:30pm in hopes I'd be able to push, and at that point I started feeling weird. I got a metallic taste in my mouth and told the nurse. She took my BP which ended up being 70/40! I remember drifting in and out of consciousness and seeing about 7 nurses and my doctor rush to my bed. I then started dry heaving like crazy at which point DH thought I was convulsing and the nurses thought HE was going to pass out so they laid him on the couch. He later told me he thought I was dying, and I remember hearing him say over and over "Is she ok??" Then my doctor declared "c-section!!" since she wanted me to be able to hear their first cries before stabilizing me. Within minutes I was being rushed down to the OR. I do remember their first cries, and the doctor saying Jeffrey peed all over him when he came out. lol. I don't remember anything else though, like the fact that DH said he left as soon as the babies left (5 minutes into the surgery) and they worked on completing the surgery for another 30-40 minutes or so. I don't have much recollection of being wheeled back to my room either... Maybe I had fallen asleep, who knows!
Recovery was pretty brutal since I was still on the mag sulfate day 1 (bed-ridden), then day 2 they expected me to be able to get up (by myself) and go to the bathroom! Not only was I in a great deal of pain but then I was expected to start walking?! Doctors spent both days trying to stabilize my BP, which had been high all along (after that ordeal I don't see how it couldn't be!) They couldn't bring the babies to visit me since they were in the Special Care Nursery, and I wasn't allowed to visit them because sitting up straight both hurt and made me feel like passing out and they didn't want to raise my BP even more. They did surprise me on day 2 by bringing Jozlynn in for 15 minutes. But poor little Jeffrey I didn't get to see until late Sunday :(
Both babies were immediately sent to the Special Care Nursery after their birth due to feeding issues: they both didn't want to eat and Jeffrey threw up a lot. Jozlynn finally caught up on feedings and they did multiple x-rays on Jeffrey's belly to make sure there weren't any blockages. They put him on antibiotics, IV fluids and stopped feeding him formula for 24 hours. X-rays showed a little air in his bowels but no major issues other than that so they started up the feedings again and slowly he started tolerating them and keeping everything down. Since I was unable to see them, DH constantly went to the nursery to take pictures/videos for me to look at. He was also there during most of their feedings and diaper changes. He was such an amazing support both in taking care of me (he never left my side, even during my most painful episodes he was always there holding my hand) and checking on the babies. I truly thank God for him and feel that this experience has brought us even closer together.
We're having a lot of fun with the babies and I am feeling better and better as the days go by. Sleep deprivation hasn't really caught up yet.. the babies eat every 2-3 hours (takes about 30-40 min to feed, burp, change then put back to bed). So we have about an hour of sleep between times. We usually end up sleeping until about 11am or noon. It will be interesting when DH has to return to work!!
I had planned to pump but literally had no energy to do it in the hospital and now that we're home I find that its hard enough just taking care of 2 newborns (with DH home 24/7 now!) Not to mention I have no idea if my supply will ever satisfy 2 babies. I kind of feel like a failure for giving up after a week, but it is what it is. DH and I were all about the pros of breastmilk: better for baby, free, etc. So it has been a very tough decision..
I absolutely adore our babies and I know most people would say even with the pain they'd do it again "in a heartbeat", but I think my experience makes my decision a little harder. Ask me in a few months :) Maybe if I hadn't spent over 24 hours in 'induced labor' and had a scheduled c-section instead I would feel much differently. My induction ended up giving me 48 hours of torture with the mag sulfate. Sigh... just glad it's behind me now!
Well, that's my story. Hope I didn't scare anyone too much!
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Re: Birth Story - long (& scary)

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    congratulations, they are beautiful!! PS- you will forget all the crappy parts with time :)
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    ugh- that stinks you went through all that - thank God you are all ok!!!  Mag SUCKS - i was on it for my first delivery b/c of my bp - hated it.

    I'm so glad you are all home and happy - they are adorable!

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    I am so so sorry that you went through all of that!  Mag sucks.  i had it when I went into pre-term labor at 30 weeks and I HATED it!  Hopefully you will recover well...adorable babies help make it easier. 
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    OMGosh!  What a story.  I'm glad everything turned out ok in the end, they are gorgeous!  and big hugs to your DH for doing such a great job!
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    I just sent you a private message about my local MoMs group, since I think you are a new local MoM.  : )
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    Oh man, I'm so sorry it was such a rough experience! Honestly, you may not forget the rough parts; I have friends with 18-month-olds who still say they will never have another child b/c of their birth experiences, and then other people who do overcome them and have other children. I say that only to say that whatever you experience and decide later, it's OK! :) It does sound scary but I'm glad that you and the babies are all doing well now!

    And more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS! on those beautiful babies!

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    They are beautiful! 

     Sorry your labor & delivery was so rough.  You do forget some of the bad stuff as time goes on, but I STILL do remember how painful those contractions were!  I don't think I'll ever forget!  And I found internal exams SO Painful too! 

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    Wow, your birth story did scare the crap out of me. But I learned a lot and I am thankful for your honesty.

    Congratulations on your babies, they are beautiful!

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