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Nothing like bathing suit shopping......

to put a damper on your day.  Seriously, I'd like to talk to the person that invented bathing suits :o(
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Re: Nothing like bathing suit shopping......

  • It does suck, doesn't it?  Are you a Sam's Club member?  I'm not sure what they would have now, but back in April, I found my bathing suit there.  A very cue pattern with a tankini and boy shorts that covered all the right places for $21!
  • It's the lighting
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  • I had to shop in March because of our vacation. I was like close to tears... then went next store to Starbucks and had a mocha. Oh the fatty comfort cycle.
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  • You guys are funny!!  And I will have to check out Sam's.  I tried to find some shorts at Sears today. They have the huge Land's End bathing suit selection, but no shorts.  They said they have them on-line.  I ended up getting just a tank top which I will have to suck my stomach in so I don't look preggers.
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  • i hated bathing suit shopping when i was a regular size.  i am not one of thos cute pregnant people who are all belly. I am belly, boobs and huge thighs.  I'm glad I willl never have to do it again.
  • Yup...not fun...might go tomorrow before heading to ILs pool...
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