2nd Trimester

What time is right?

Hi everyone....

My due date is Dec 4th, but i am getting a c-section done right after Thanksgiving..

I wanted to check with you ladies when its the right time to start shopping for our baby's nursery.  when i go to dept stores to check out baby items, fam tell me and my husband it's too early for that....its bad luck  blah blah.... :-(.

Dont know the sex yet, hopefully we will find out on July 17th.  We have two girls already 17 & 11, and my husband desires a boy even thou i think he only makes girls (has two previous girls from previous marriage).  For me a healthy baby is  most important, but i would be happy if we got our boy since this is my last pregnancy.....

My husband tells me as long as our baby is healthy that's all that matters, but i see it in his eyes that he will be disappointed with another girl..

Tks for hearing me out....  




Re: What time is right?

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    I don't think it is ever to early to start planning the nursery. However, you probably won't want to buy too much until you find out the baby's sex. I want the nursery to be done early in my third trimester! I know a lot of people wait until later, but I like to get things done early. Have fun!
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    It's absolutely not too early! The time will go by fast. My goal is to be done early 3rd trimester too, so I don't have to do a lot of running around as I get HUGE :) We already have our crib, and we'd have more stuff done if we didn't need to replace the flooring. I'm due on the Dec. 6, and I want to do things gradually...all at once will be too big of hit on the pocketbook.
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    thank you ladies



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    You are "Due" 3 days after me and we already have the room cleaned out the dresser and crib put together, bedding in the room and outfits that we have found at garage sales or on sale in general. Everyone goes at a different pace. For me I would rather do a little at a time and not have to do it all at once..
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