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Exercise and Milk Supply

Does exercise decrease your milk supply?  I have heard that it does and I am a little concerned as I am beginning to workout again.  If you've gone through this any advice?


Re: Exercise and Milk Supply

  • I run quite a bit and haven't had any major problems. Make sure you hydrate really well on the days you exercise (I run with a water bottle now and also get in an extra 20-32 ozs on my run days).
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  • As long as I stay hydrated & eat well, I haven't seen a drop in supply. My low supply days are more when I'm not eating well/ enough & I'm running around stressed over something

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  • I never had any problems with exercise and my milk supply.  Just make sure you are eating enough and getting enough fluids.  I always made sure to eat at least 2000 calories and still lost weight.  I am running almost 30 miles a week at this point and still BFing with no problems

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