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I've been having upper abdomen discomfort after eating lately.  Is that normal?  Sometimes its on the right side and sometimes its on the left side.  Its not really a pain its just not comfortable.  I was thinking of getting out the heating pad tonight to see if that helps.
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Re: discomfort

  • i realized i could better describe it as a pressure underneath my ribs.
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  • If it's pressure it's likely it's gas..it can be very uncomfortable...I've taken gasX for it, my doc said it was fine,.
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  • It sounds like bad gas
  • I was dealing with this all day yesterday. I went for a long walk and then felt much better afterwords. Things seemed to "work themselves out" shall we say.


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  • Sounds like it's gas, or acid reflux-it's safe to use Gas-x but stay away from the heating pad. I asked my Dr about using a heating pad, she said it's not safe to use them and to avoid overexposure to the heat, hot baths, hot tubs, etc. When I have gas pain I eat yogurt or chew on ginger gum-hope this helps:)

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