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Your skincare routine

I've always battled acne.  Last year I finally went on Accutane, and it did wonders for me.  This summer, I've started having a couple of small break outs.

 Another user posted some products we're not suppose to be using.  One of them was retinol.  I've been using Philosophy's On A Clear Day Retinol  Cream.  I take it I need to return it?

Also it says salicylic acid but in small doses.  Another product I've been using is Neutrogena's Acne cream wash and redness reducer/soothing whatever...LOL  Too long of a name.  Does this need to go, too?

Any advice would be great. 

 I think tomorrow night I'm just going to go to LUSH, since all of their treatments are natural.


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Re: Your skincare routine

  • I had acne since middle school and tried every type of over the counter wash and prescription cream but nothing worked. I use proactive now and it works really good as long as i use it twice a day every day. I still have some scars and i break out once in a while due to stress or oils on my face (sunblock or make up).
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  • I actually looked this up on and it said that using retinol, BHA's, salicylic acid and all that hasn't been proven to harm the baby through your skin, it's just a precaution. The article went on to say that pretty much anything over the counter is mild enought that it will be fine, they said the real danger is in oral acne medication and treatments like peels. I've been using a salicylic acid moisturizer and face and body wash with it too.

    I'm curious about the Proactive, is that safe during pregnancy? My best friend uses it and loves it so I've been thinking about switching to that.

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  • I'm also using proactive, and I'll keep using it. It's active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, which hasn't shown to be harmful. If my OB tells me to stop when I go in on July 29, then I will. But from what I've read, it's safe to use.
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