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Not pumping enough at work

I started back at work on Monday and I'm just not pumping enough.  I don't think it's a supply issue because I've had plenty of milk common for second baby.  I tried drinking a lot of water and looking at a pic of DD while I pumped.  I pump 3x a day for about 25 mins each to replace the 3 missed feedings.  She's 3mo and takes 4-oz bottles and each day I have come a few ounces shy of the 12 oz I need for the next day's bottles.  Any suggestions/advice/ideas would be so helpful!

Re: Not pumping enough at work

  • I did the massage-stroke-shake and that seemed to helped a little, but the only way I had enough milk to send was an extra pumping session before bed and pumping on the weekend.

    Have you tried oatmeal or other galactagogues (fenugreek, blessed thistle)? 

    Good luck! 

  • It's totally normal to need more than one pumping session to make a bottle. I had to pump before bed and weekends to make it up. Do you have time to squeeze in another pumping session on your drive to work?

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  • Do you pump in the morning before work? I nurse DD on one side and pump the other.... That helps me... I've also heard (but never have myself) to only send exactly what u pump the day b4... I think the theory behind it is if LO doesn't get enough at daycare then they will nurse more at night which will help boost your supply...
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