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Weaning advice? (14 months)

I am SO HAPPY we made it this far.  I honestly never imagined we'd still be BFing, but I'm thankful we've been able to.  However, I am done.  Seriously done.  One side quit producing several months ago and we average 2 sessions a day (first thing in the AM and late afternoon).  Thankfully she goes to sleep without nursing, but she does not seem interesting in giving it up.  She still takes FOREVER (20-40 minutes) to nurse and every minute is grating on me.  She's teething and I know it is a comfort, but I am done.  I've read a few things on helping to wean, but nothing has worked for us.  She drinks milk and water from a sippy/water bottle like a pro, but she still wants to nurse.  Cutting her off cold turkey scares me, but I guess it may be my last effort.  Any advice?
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