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I found two lumps in my right boob a few weeks ago (about the size of a pea) and my doctor felt them as well at my 22 week appointment today.  She scheduled me for an ultra sound to check them out.  They seem to coincide with the pregnancy...Has this happened to anyone else?  I am really worried...

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    I have no idea but they might be cyst due to hormones?  I have a cyst growing in my left ovary right now that the doctor said was due to hormones...he didn't seem too concerned about it at all....hopefully (prayer) its nothing. 
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    Clogged duct. Totally normal. (That is probably what it is.) That or mastitis. Google it and call your dr. tomorrow. Good luck!
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    I was dx with fibroadenoma a while back.  I had an ultrasound, mammogram and then had it removed and biopsied.  I've had a couple since then but after ultrasound reviews the MD said I didn't need to have them removed unless the became a problem.  Mine were not pregnancy related and I haven't noticed any changes since my BFP.


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