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Help - keeping vomitting baby hydrated

Suggestions for how to keep a 15-mo old hydrated - he's vomiting up everything - has been for the last two hours (even 1cc of water is inducing vomiting)?  He's already only 3rd percentile for weight, so I know he's at increased risk for dehydration, etc.  Would you wait awhile and try again, or keep trying drops at a time?

Ideas? :(


Re: Help - keeping vomitting baby hydrated

  • I don't know the rules for babies but, when my husband was vomiting, the nurse said he should take a sip of water every 15 minutes.  He kept throwing up (or trying to) for the next 5 or 6 hours.  She said if he didn't stop the next day to call back.  Once he could keep down the sip of water, she said to very slowly increase.  I would probably call the pediatrician after hours number just to check with them.  Good luck!  I hope he feels better soon.
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  • Definitely call the pedi.  When K was a baby we had to give her a few drops of pedialyte every 10-20 minutes.  But that was 9 years ago so maybe the advice has changed!

    Hope he's better soon!  

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  • YodajoYodajo member

    I would call.

    I remember when Sam was that age and vomitting like that.  They said to not give anything until he had not thrown up for a few hours and then just to give a few tablespoons every 15 minutes. 

    I hope he's better soon! 

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  • when DS had horrid vomiting and diarrhea, we chilled apple flavored pedialyte and filled a syringe sans needle to give him some every half hour pretty much around the clock. We simply battened down the hatches, popped him into bed with us, and got to work.
  • Thanks, ladies!

    Since I posted I've managed to get (and keep in) 4ccs of water... hopefully we're heading in the right direction now.  He's soooo thirsty, he's crying for water, but I don't dare up the volume yet. 

    Hate when the little ones get sick :(

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